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Art & Tradition
The Buds of the mopa tree were boiled to form a resin, to wich artisans added natural colors.It was then streched by hand and mouth. Tiny pieces were cut and repeatedly layered to form intrincate desings on a variety of wooden Shapes.

Osaira Muyale
It is a contemporary artist living and working in Aruba. Studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.Co-Founder and director of a Eterno studio - Gallery and Fundacion Eterno.

Het Binnenhuys
Our store is not just a store. I have an old mansion restored to its old luster, complete with the original stained glass windows and antique tiling, True Island class and turned the inside into a show case.

Palais Hindu Trading Company N.V.
It is Aruba's premier web portal serving consumers, businesses, event organizers and the hospitality industry with décor products, art techniques, and design concepts.

Fundacion Eterno
The foundation main purpose is to work with artists, and community projects. Where local, regional and international cultural ideas can meet, dialogue ,explore, and expand the process in their artwork.

Vanessa Paulina
Growing up on the Caribbean islands as a child, I was that little girl in a mystical world. Most of which has been left in the past now. By visualizing my memories through my art, I relive that beautiful moment in time.

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