Aruba Online Travel Guide

Arashi Beach
White powder sand with calm waters for swimming or snorkeling. No facilities but has beach huts that offer shade.

Malmok Beach
A very popular snorkeling spot with shallow water, tiny bays that are lined with white sand and plenty of fish. No nearby facilities.

Hadikurari (Fisherman's Huts)
Hadicurari is the place of the annual Hi-Winds Pro Am Windsurfing Competion. White powder sand and very shallow water.

Palm Beach
Calm water makes for great swimming conditions on this white powdered beach. Nearby hotels can be used for facilities.

Eagle Beach
A friendly surf at this white sandy beach and a lot of motorized watersports. Nearby hotels for facilities.

Manchebo Beach (Punto Brabo)
Manchebo beach is the largest of Aruba's beaches and is accessible by public bus, taxi or car. White sand and a brisk surf makes this beach worth visiting.

Druif Beach
White powdered sand and calm waters make great for swimming or snorkeling.

Surfside Beach
A beach club next door and calm waters for excellent swimming conditions. Accessible by public bus, taxi or car.

Dos Playa
You must be a very good surfer to go here. This is where the local surf fanatics go for their extreme surfing experience. A white beach surrounded by a rocky coastline.

Mangel Halto
White powder sand and shallow water at this beach. This is a favorite of the tourists and locals for a picnic.

Rodgers Beach (Sereo Colorado)
No facilities here but has soft, white powdery sand with reef-protected water to swim in.

Baby Beach
Fabulous white, powder sand and turquoise waters makes this place a family favorite. Snorkeling is also great here. No facilities, but there's a refreshment stand, and a couple of beach huts for shade.

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