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Palm Beach, Aruba

Tourists consider Palm Beach one of the most beautiful locations in Aruba with calm water and a lengthy stretch of white sand beach, it holds all the beautiful views and pleasant weather expected in a tropical vacation. When visitors tire of the beach, however, the surrounding area holds plenty of interesting areas for exploring, shopping, dining and gambling.

Many know Palm Beach as the home of condos, timeshares, and high-rise hotels, which run along the lengthy stretch of sand. As a result, the beach fills with people more quickly than others in Aruba, but travelers find some definite advantages to their proximity. The resorts often open the doors of their restaurants, rental stores, and other facilities to visitors as well as those staying on the grounds. Food and changing areas lie only a short distance from the water, and an exploration of the resorts provide a change of pace from the sun and sand. Many stand as destinations in of themselves, offering their own casinos, spas, pools, live shows, and other entertainment. Shopping abounds at every hotel, with a variety of stores offering souvenirs and high-end merchandise.

For dedicated shoppers, several malls lie within walking distance of the hotels. Explore Paseo Herencia with its old style plaza, and don't miss the "liquid fireworks" show, a central fountain with choreographed motion, music, and lights. Other major shopping centers include The Village, Palm Beach Plaza, and the Arawak Garden and Shopping Mall, which offer the typical stores as well as movie theaters, restaurants, cultural events, and entertainment.

If shopping doesn't hold appeal, try exploring some of the island's natural wonders. Visit the nearby butterfly farm and trek through beautifully landscaped gardens filled with hundreds of species of butterflies, or head to the local bird sanctuary and observe native species in their lush habitats.

Other unique landmarks include the Old Dutch Windmill, originally constructed in Holland, and then disassembled and reconstructed in Aruba in 1960. It most recently houses a restaurant. A little further North sits the beautiful Santa Ana Church, popular with tourists for its hand-carved oak altar and beautiful stained-glass windows. After sightseeing, end the day with dinner at one of the local restaurants, or check out the nightlife at the hotels. Exploring the beach may end with the day, but area entertainment goes on until long after dark.

Visit Palm Beach for a day of swimming and tanning in the sun, but don't forget to check out the surrounding area as well the shopping, restaurants, and unique attractions round out the perfect tropical vacation!

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