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Community Church (Non-Denominational)

City: Sereo Colorado

San Francisco Church (Catholic)
The largest church in Aruba located in Oranjestad, worth the visit to marvel at it's unique architectural design.
City: Oranjestad
Phone: 297-582-1434

Santa Anna Church (Catholic)
Built in 1776, this church is most noted for an original hand carved altar.
City: Noord
Phone: 297-587-1409

Church of San Nicolas (Catholic)

Address: St. Theresiaplein 8
Phone: 297-584-5118

Immaculate Conception Parish (Catholic)
Located in Santa Cruz
Address: Santa Cruz 41
Phone: 297-585-8110

Protestant Church

Address: Wilhelminastraat 1
City: Oranjestad
Phone: 297-582-1435

Beth Israel Synagogue

Address: Adriaan Lacle Blvd 2
Phone: 297-582-3272

Bible-Way Baptist Church

Address: Bernhardstraat 18
City: San Nicolas
Phone: 297-584-8491

Church of Christ

Address: Pastoor Hendrikstraat 107
City: San Nicolas
Phone: 297-584-8172

Evangelical Church

Address: Jasmijnstraat 7
City: San Nicolas
Phone: 297-584-8973

Holy Cross Anglican Church

Address: Seroe Preto 31
City: San Nicolas
Phone: 297-584-5142

Methodist Church

Address: Longfellowstraat
City: Oranjestad
Phone: 297-584-5243

Christ Church

Address: Amalia van Solmsstraat 3
City: San Nicolas

Beth El Church

Address: Brasil 24A

Faith Revival Center

Address: Rooi Afo 10
City: Paradera
Phone: 297-583-1010

Baha´i Faith

Address: Bucutiweg 19
Phone: 297-582-3104

Chapel of Alto Vista
The chapel of Alto Vista was the first church in all of the caribbean to be established. Constructed in 1750, it still holds services today.

New Apostolic Church

Address: Goletstraat 5A
City: Oranjestad
Phone: 297-583-3762

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